Upcoming Event

7th January, 2024

World Hypnotism Day Online Event

Date : Jan 7th, 2024, 8 PM  Online Zoom Meeting

Dive into the world of possibilities with  international and local captivating hypnotherapy practitioners!

Join us for an evening of transformation and enlightenment, where hypnotherapy takes centre stage.

Bilingual excitement awaits!

English Group:
1)Dr. Kweethai Neill
– Topic : Transforming your life from fear to joy: hypnotherapy is an alternative path to health and happiness

2)Dr. Eva Wong
– Topic : Unlocking potential: The role of hypnotism in enhancing learning outcomes for special education.


邀请你来参与这场与国内外特邀的催眠治疗专家一起探索潜意识的无限可塑性! 届时有中英文分享会同时在两个小组进行,我们一起来了解催眠、善用催眠。

1)Dr. Jeffrey Tsai (M.D.)  蔡东杰医生
– 讲题 : 善用日常的催眠现象

2)Dr. Hiro Koo 古健荣博士
– 讲题 :解锁潜意识的力量:催眠疗法在身心复健中的辅助作用


Save the date, invite your friends, and let’s explore the power of our mind together! 🚀💆‍♂️

Limited seats available! First come first served. Registration open until 3rd January 2024, grab your seat by registering now! #WorldHypnotismDay